English Rhetoric - Essential skills from A to Z for every presenter

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English Rhetoric - Essential skills from A to Z for every presenter

8-week seminar that enables you to practise and rehearse your speech


Have you ever wondered how to design your English presentation more effectively? Perhaps you belong among people who are confronted with this challenge and you are wondering how to get ready for your presentation. Our 8-week seminar will carefully guide you step by step on your path to obtain a valuable set of skills and exercises that will help you to find your inner eloquent rhetorician.

What’s more, you will have a chance to practise and rehearse your presentation in front of your fellow trainees. And we will also help you by 2 video-feedback sessions. The instructor will also provide support and advice when you develop your visual aids and slides. This gradual laddering process enables you to gain your confidence and firm ground under your feet. And finally, at the end of your 8-week journey you get to perform in front of new audience that will consist of random guests, relatives, and friends of the fellow participants.


Is this course really for me? Can you identify with any of the following statements?

‘I want to be able to express my opinion clearly.’

‘I don’t know how to begin my speeches and how structure my presentation.’

‘I feel too much tension before my speeches and I want to find new ways to optimize it.’

‘I want to look more professional and speak engagingly.’

‘I want to be confident while presenting in English’

‘I want to speak more clearly and articulate well.’

‘I always talk too much and my boss tells me to cut to the point.’

‘I want to finish my presentation effectively and with style.’

If you can relate to some of the statements, then the course of English Rhetoric is for you. It will help you to enhance your public speaking skills. You will be provided the ‘hands on’ experience before you step into the ‘real world’. We designed a course according to your needs, which will help you to step into the flow of your inner potential and handle any kind of second thoughts and insecurities through extensive practice.


Level of English needed:

Upper-Intermediate (B2) and more experienced

What we will learn

How to define goal of the presentation and structure it accordingly

How to set up your inner GPS/cognitive map in alignment with your rhetoric goal

How to apply effective principles of NLP and Positive Psychology into your speeches

How to establish rapport with your audience

How to optimize the bodily tension before and during your presentations

How to use diaphragmatic breathing in order to maximize the potential of your voice

How to articulate clearly and add colour to your voice

How to move and position yourself during your presentations

How to use illustrative gestures to emphasize the meaning of my messages

How to prepare your slides and visual aids

How to use English idioms and sayings effectively


Course Syllabus in 8 sessions

Essential Skills of Every Rhetorician (1 - 3 sessions)

optimize bodily tension and adopt attitudes of master presenters

use diaphragmatic breathing to maximize the potential of your voice

use your gestures and non-verbal communication

establish rapport with your audience

Video-feedback training

Format of Your Presentation (4 – 6 sessions)

have a strong introduction and start with a rhetorical question

defining your goal and structuring the corpus of the presentation

use personalized story-telling and take your listeners on a journey

rhetorician’s well-being: exercises, mindfulness, psychology

Fine-tune Your Speech Technically (session 7)

develop your slides and visual aids

proxemics - set up rhetoric space

develop a strong conclusion

The Final Presentation (session 8)

 Video-feedback training



Začátek kurzu: 7. 9. 2023
Konec kurzu: 2. 11. 2023
Den konání lekcí: Čtvrtek
Čas konání lekcí: 18.00 - 20.00
Počet lekcí / hodin: 8/16
Kapacita kurzu: 5 - 10 studentů volno
Místo konání: Klimentská 50, Praha 1
Cena: 6 480 Kč s DPH

Lektor kurzu

Karel Wichterle, M.A.

In his classes Karel puts a lot of emphasis on the structure of the presentation, defining a specific goal of the speech, establishing rapport with the audience, building the capacity for an effective self-reflection, using appropriate colours and pitch of your voice, mastering illustrative gestures, and using common English sayings and idioms. His course is also enriched by many interactive exercises, which are especially focused on diaphragmatic breathing, articulation, and relaxation.

In his sessions Karel draws on his educational background. He studied psychology (Empire State University/UNYP) and completed Master’s degree in Drama-therapy at Roehampton University in London. Mr Wichterle employs a student-centred approach and believes that each student has an individual authentic path towards betterment. Nevertheless, Karel is very persistent in building team-spirited and cooperative atmosphere among his students.

Karel has been teaching at our school since 2010.


“The English Rhetoric Course was an terrific experience for me. Besides practicing English, as one would expect, the course helped me to find out more about myself and improve my rhetoric and public performance. Karel Wichterle created a wonderful atmosphere and turned each session into a creative platform where all participants performed to their best. His teaching methods showed me completely new perspective on communication which helped me develop my skills in both my professional and personal life.”

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Karl Frankl, project coordinator and translator
absolvent kurzu English Rhetoric - Essential skills from A to Z for every presenter

Od ledna mám novou práci a zatím je vše skvělé a zalité sluncem. A to je ten pravý důvod, proč vám píši - veliký podíl na tom má Karel Wichterle. Součástí pohovoru, byla totiž prezentace a Karel mi nejen pomohl, abych to vzala za správný konec, ale také mě skvěle lidsky podpořil. A  hádejte, co bylo dál! Tu práci, o kterou jsem mimochodem moc stála, jsem nakonec získala (i s pochvalou za skvělou prezentaci). Prostě to funguje!!!! 

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Mirka Musilová, zdravotní sestra
absolventka kurzu English Rhetoric - Essential skills from A to Z for every presenter

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